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About Us

Rich&Wild is the work of multiple artists who share a common creative goal - to rid the world of crappy stock images.

We run our site with a clear, no bullshit policy, we don't like treat our visitors to any nasty surprises!

If you decide that you don't like our images just unsubscribe and you will hear nothing more from us; If you do like our images, tell all your friends ;)

Hosting of our images is paid for by several photography and design related sponsors (ones that we think really rock), we'll never share your details with these sponsors, but from time to time we'll invite you to look at the services they offer; perhaps if you are really nice, we might be able to get them to give a discount or free trial.

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When subscribing for our images, you do so at our ESP (email service provider) they make sure that everything is kosher : double opt-in and all that best practice stuff; they are a well respected industry leader in managing email lists. We won't sell your contact details or any information about you to a 3rd party. Details that you do provide and tracking information collected about your preferences will be used strictly to conduct the business of this site.

Terms of Use

Images remain copyright to RichAndWild / our contributing authors.

Acceptable uses: each image that is provided for free use on the site is licensed for perpetual use and unlimited print runs. Images may be used in commercial and personal projects

RichAndWild and its creators and contributors accept no responsibility of any losses arising from the use of the site or images included here.

Images are supplied as is, without warranty and without releases.

Attribution is NOT required, but if you are feeling kind then optionally credit in your source materials


Prohibited Uses

Do not claim them as your own work;

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Do not share them on other photo sharing websites;

*contact us about that and maybe we can work together.

(Using our images in free templates etc is fine, but it's not really fair to profit from the kindness of others is it?)

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We think that you'll love receiving our images, and we do exactly what we say on the tin; but if you have any questions, suggestions or jokes to share with us (we like a good laugh, especially when it's at someone else's expense!), please use the form below to send us a message.

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